Education – ONside Programme

ONside focuses on the start and end of a child’s educational journey.

We have two objectives for ONside:

  1. First 1500 Days: Implement a model training preschool to provide practical professional support for carers and ECD facilitators who provide crucial educational services for the First 1500 days of a child’s life.
  2. Last 1500 Days or High School: To help children end well, we offer high-school learner support for the Last 1500 days, to prepare them for the best exit of the educational journey.

ONside is seeking a dedicated Programme Manager volunteer to guide the startup phase of this programme.

STATUS: First 1500 Days

Startup Phase.

The 1500 Days Sub-programme is in an initial investigation phase.

We hope to move to the trial phase soon. See below for how you can become involved and stay notified of any developments.


The public can enquire about ONside educational services by:

WhatsApp (Preferred): 063 478 1978

Email: [email protected]

STATUS: Last 1500 Days or High School

Trial Phase.

The High School sub-programme is in a trial phase. Focussing on providing support for Grade 8 learners for mathematics.

The Trial Phase will include;
– Monthly Saturday one-on-one teaching support
– A dedicated WhatsApp support number
– A YouTube channel with additional lessons
– Quarterly EdX talks


ONside High School has YouTube Channel that you can subscribe to where we will publish various subject content lessons that learners can use to support their studies.

You can find the ONside High School YouTube Channel by following this link: ONside High School YouTube Channel

Access the following Grade – Subject YouTube Playlists directly:

You can watch the ONside High School Channel Introduction video here.

WhatsApp (Preferred): 065 537 9911

Email: [email protected]

Request Form: Please complete this form to register your interest in ONsite High School Learner Support Programme


You can get involved today by doing any or all of the following:

  1. Click on our Volunteer Page (or here) to see what volunteer opportunities there are.
  2. Signup for our quarterly newsletter to receive updates on the latest developments and opportunities.
  3. Engage and promote us on social media.
  4. Create a Backabuddy Campaign to use your latest daring escapade to raise funds for ALONGside.
  5. Click on our Donations Page (or here) to see how you can support us financially.