State of the Nation’s Mental Health

Mental health in South Africa

The headline is more than just a tongue-in-cheek play on our annual State of the Nation address. It asks the serious question: What is really going on with our nation’s mental health? And just as important, what does that mean for our community and business leaders?

The World Health Organisation indicates that mental health will be the biggest crisis we will face on the planet by 2030. In a recent report by the Mental State of the World, South Africa scored the lowest average on mental health well-being among 34 countries worldwide. The data is unsurprising, but how can we empower our communities to prioritise their mental well-being and find support?

Mental Health Seminar – 7 October

During Mental Wellness Month in October, UPside is hosting a seminar on Saturday, 7 October, on the state of South Africa’s mental health and its impact on NGOs, education and the economy with:

  • Prof Mario Smith, Psychologist and Professor at UWC.
  • Prof Daniel Louw. Professor in Theology and Pastoral Care University of Stellenbosch and 
  • Anelia Coetzee, People and Strategy Development Expert

We will try and unpack some of the psychological impacts of our nation’s ongoing narratives around crime, load shedding, corruption and the upcoming elections. How do these large narratives impact the personal narratives that we can influence?

To book tickets for the seminar, follow this link:

UPside is a not-for-profit offering counselling services to the communities of the Deep South. We have a desire to come alongside all people to help them change the narrative of their lives. Leading our communities, one person at a time, from brokenness to wholeness.

Community & Mental Health Convention

The seminar is followed by the Community & Mental Health Convention hosted by Family Counselling Centre on 20 – 21 October 2023. Please click here for more details on the convention:

Click here for more information on the Family Counselling Centre:

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